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$350 or trade for equal 36-64 case. OEM nice 65-76 trans case for electric start Panhead and shovelhead. Factory machined for reverse. No issues or repairs. Impossible to find (I know). If u are a vintage trike or sidecar guy, you want this.
Instagram media velvetcustoms - Last chance before I make this into a 4 speed. OEM nice 65-76 trans case for electric start #Panhead and #shovelhead factory machined for #reverse. No issues or repairs. Impossible to find (I know). Will trade straight across for equal pre-65 4-speed, or $400 shipped in conti US. message me for info. If u are a vintage #trike guy, you want this.
$75+16 shipped. Brand new in box reproductions of O.E.M. starter motors. 74-E76 XL; 82-84 FL; 74-86 FX; 84-88 FLT, FXR. H-D#31570-73



Free with another purchase. Starter housing gasket (65-84 4 speeds)


$5 offset primo motor nut for 55+ splined shaft motors


$5 70+ OEM shovelhead clutch arm and starter bracket.


$10+6 shipped. Old Primo offset sprocket shaft nut for splined shaft motors. Looks a little rustybut will clean up OK, and sure beats their retail price. shank is .647" long but I can shorten it on the lathe if desired before shipping.



$3 shipped. New in package Kicker pedal bolt/bushing kits from v-twin mfg.


$5 chrome o-ring style kicker pedal



$10 shipped. 2 Oversized studs for 4 speed tranmission mount to plate, for hollowed out oversized holes. These are like $20 new, for a pack of 4.

$5 plus ship. two used 51 tooth bigtwin drum sprockets. One has more wear than other. The one with more tooth left has some welds inside that need to be grounds down a little bit.
$10ea, plus ship. Sprockets.Used but not used up.
$20 shipped. New in package kicker gears for 4 speed harley. I'm sure they aren't US made. You can see the Midwest part numbers.
$10 shipped. Kicker gear parts lot. Used but not used up.
$10 reinforcement ring for early primary (knuckle, flathead, early panhead).
$15 shipped. Used 4 speed wafer bearing pushrod, (no bearing), and a wafer cover and 2 circlips.
$5 for the aluminum derby cover, $20 for the fancy vintage Live to Ride one.
$25+ ship. Awesome vintage Derby cover. Great shape (pic makes chrome look worse than it is).
$5+ $13 ship. Vintage Karata belt drive front pulley. No insert. Square tooth type. Includes 1" square tooth belt (try finding these things anymore if you need one).
$20. 41 tooth front pulley. 8mm belt drive for '55+ motors. Looks like BDL. I don't think it's ever been run, but it did have a couple knicks (probably dropped) that I filed down. I'd run it, but I had to use a custom sized front pulley.
$20+ ship. Mousetrap conversion bracket and clutch arms (one w/ no bend, the other has a slight bend). The bracket is like new, but the arms are modified versions of the 36--64 arms.
$10+ 8 ship. Aluminum five stud clutch cover.
$35 almost complete clutch for big twin 4 speeds. I think it's missing a fiber disk, as I recall. Comes with everything you see (including hub nut), plus stock bearing.
$15 4 speed big twin pressure plate, and a couple of fibers.
$5 clutch 5-stud pressure plate and springs.
$5 Complete stock style 4speed clutch hub bearing.
$25+ship. 4 speed trans mainshaft support w/ good sealed bearing. Used but not used up.