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$10 shipped. Rubber dash strip for the smaller shovelhead FX dash. Nice shape (not cracked or dry)


$5 rubber tank bib for 36-84 fat bob tanks. Has real deal Harley logo.


$5 I believe this to be an OEM switch from cloth wired 3-light dash. which would make it 68-69. Regardless, you know what it is and what it fits.




$12 shipped. Used braides stainless speedo cable. no covering. front wheel drive







$200 plus ship. Survivor axed mustang tank (assuming Paughco). Has some bubbling in clear coat around petcock and on bottom of other side, but you can't see when mounted.. No leaks. Hand painted. Nice shape but does have a couple of knicks/chips. Spiked caps included. Cool tank, just not my style.


$19 chrome british gas cap. Smaller than typical wassell tanks.See pic for size.


$25 shipped. New brass T-valve, plus brass compression fittings to plumb 1/4" hardlines to a gas tank w/ 1/8" NPT bungs. They are new; I had a plan for these, but ended up using a single bung and soft lines. Retail on these is way higher (don't remember what I paid).


 $2.50 ea. shipped. Petcock seals, 3-hole for 3/8" NPT petcocks. I had to buy 10 to get 1.


$13 + ship. Aftermarket Hi flow petcock for '74+ style tanks. nice shape and relatively low profile.



$8 two British petcocks.


$2 top camp for 38-65 fuel shutoff rod. used, brass.



$10 Feed and return oillines for bigtwin and early horseshoe oil tank (36-64). Requires the early harley flare fitting on both ends.





$7 shipped. Dipstick. 1.25" OD on rubber. Chrome cap.









$15+20 ship. New Hinged rear fender from 49-57 replica. Inclused the supports, rivets, bolts, and 90% of the hinge.



$10+20 ship. Used 49-57 aftermarket hinged rear fender section. Use it for a brat style fender or whatever.





$5 plus ship. Vintage headlight bracket (has the wide mounts: FX style trees and later FL as I recall), as well as narrow holes. Some pitting but good powdercoat or paint candidate.


$1 plus ship. typical set of turn signals. mount whereever. Pretty nice shape.


$15+13 shipped. Billet license plate bracket and taillight w/ LED light. Heavy duty mounting bracket too.


$5+ship. 1973-1999 Taillight for Big Twin and sportsters, w/ blue dot. Good shape.


$5+12 shipped. OEM 73-79 Taillight for bigtwin and sportsters. Nice shape. Plus 3 hole cast and chromed license plate holder.




$5 diamond plate aluminum seat cover for 58-64 4-speed frames. Not my kinda thing.

$ buddy seat rail. I spent a little time on one half and you can see it cleaned up pretty nice. not perfect, but nice.



$80+ ship. Diamond stitch vintage chopper seat. over all nice shape. Carpet on bottom has wear, but obviously not visible. Vinyl is in nice shape w/ only a 1" section where some of the diamond stitching is gone in the passenger seat area (see pic). There is some speckles of white paint over spray that you can remove.



$200 plus ship (I'm not even going to tell you what I have in the seat at this point b/c it's embarassing). Cool old chopper seat with brand new vinyl upholstery. Pleats are sewn. Unique because of the back and it's really skinny on the fender, unlike many. So it will fit nicely on the narrow rear fenders. I'm not in love with the upholstery job (done by Smith Auto Glass), but it's decent.



$5 Rigid seat bracket. New but narrowed and welded in center, so chrome is marred and it's not perfect. ~6.5" on center to fit small bates style solo sprung seats.


$25 shipped. Backrest. good shape.





$30+15 shipped. Chrome toolbox. I'm sure it's aftermarket.  It's used, but it's in good shape. No key, but those are easy to get.


$10+15 ship. Late model chainguard. Like new. Nice black paint. Not sure if it's softail, Dyna or FXR.