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$10+20 shipped. 2006 DOT helmet. White shell, painted black, leaving offset racing stripes, with light blue pinstripe. Then whole helmet painted with prismatic clearcoat. Nothing fancy. Has some scratches from bouncing around on shelves. Basically unused. Size L/XL. This is not a thin old style if that's the look you want, but it will keep you safe.
$30+20 shipped. Vintage helmet. It is/was DOT. Silver metal flake. Medium. Bubble shield not included. I put new foam in, so it's not perfect or fancy, but it's functional as-is. Good shape, especially for a vintage helmet.
$27 shipped. Old saddle bags supports for swingarm bike with soft bags. not sure exact fit, but you can bend them to fit whatever. They have some crust on them, but hey, they live under bags