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 $20 plus ship. Complete gasket kit for 38-48 big twin flatheads, except for the head gaskets. I think these are like $50 new, before shipping.



$20 shipped. 1977 earlier Andrews cam gear. Used but good. Measures 2.7741 across .108 pins.


$5+2ship. Not sure what the correct application is: probably knuckle or evo, but these are shorter pushrod tube clips (not pan or shovel). 2.006 last time i measured.


$3.50 Blue silicone pushrod seals for 48-79 panheads and shovelheads. New in package. Retail is 7.99.


$5 lifters. They are what they are....... maybe you need one, maybe you rebuild....... whatever. Look like flathead.


$10ea. two sets of panhead and shovelhead solid lifter adapters.


$10+ship. Harley Oil filter grab bag. HD-3, HD-1, and more.


$5+ship. Older original harley small oil cooler. great size for under trans.


$5 each for the early style, 3$ ea. for later. Oil pressure sending units. I don't use them.


 $5 OEM 70's shovelhead oil pump cover. Good condition. i switched b/c I didn't need chain oiler.


$3 Misc bigtwin case bolts, cam chest studs and gen screws


$450 Really nice OEM -55 front panhead head. complete w/ OEM rockers and valves, and original seats. No noteworthy damage. all threads look good. No cracks. Disassembled, cleaned, lubed, lapped. Should be ready to go. If I had a matching rear head, I'd never let this go.



$7 Breather tube nut (no tube included, so flare your own). Used on 24918-52 24913-67 24913-67. 1965-1967 Panhead and shovelhead, and 52-84 K model and Sportster.



$40  Mounted, and run like 4 miles. V-twin Manufacturing Linkert Carburetor Cover Smooth 34-1381. Decent polish. Retail is $58.

$10 same- Linkert screen. Retail $19.86

 Instagram media velvetcustoms - #unnamed #59flh so I love a linkert, but whats the point if it's hidden (save for an OEM air cleaner). That's the conundrum. But I'm deathly afraid of no filtration, plus my jeans inevitably get in the way. I reluctantly tried the usual bird catchers and they seem to run like shit at speed (I assume turbulence) and offer zero protection (except for a bird). So I'll try this out. #Panhead  #linkert




$10+ ship. New brass intake seals for  38-48 Big twin side valve motors, by Colony.


$1 if you can use them (I don't use this style). used chrome rubberband style intake clamps for shovelhead and ironhead.


$35 plus ship. Like new S&S cast aluminum Panhead rubberband manifold.


$25. S&S adj. carb bracket (new). Chrome tear drop cover for S&S Super E and G choke lever.


$40+10 shipping. Mothers style adapter. Linker to (also S&S and Bendix but it's undrilled). Chrome finish and pretty nice shape. Few spots where chrome flaked (you can see in the pic), but it will clean up quite well otherwise. The red stuff will come off: it's melted plastic or paint or something.


$5 plus ship.  Old linkert BIRD  air cleaner cover. J-slot. Crusty, scraped, patina....



$5 plus ship. OEM manifold (early evo as i recall, but can't remember what the hell these are for, but some bendix or zenith).









$5+ship. Crusty but oem stock coil mount for 4spd frame and later style coil. needs a sandblasting and paint or powder.


$10 plus ship. New aftermarket auto advance unit for 1970+ igntions.







$1 panhead exhaust clamps. Worst spot is shown, the rest will clean up OK.. I like the other style, so maybe


Used Panhead exhaust pipes. Rear=25. Either front downpipe=$20. Front squish pipe SOLD


$40 plus ship. kinda cool panhead 2:1 exhaust. Came on my trike. Will clear floorboards. They run outside and below frame rail so you need a little extra height in the front (i.e. stock frame and springer will leave you with like 2" of clearance).



$40 short and high shovelhead exhaust. Rear pipe is lightly used shotgun. Front pipe was a new Paughco that was cut, welded, and blended near the flange.


$25 New chrome Paughco squish pipe and muffler for generator big twins. P713DM



 $5  Headerwrap.


$10 Moose Muffler packing.


$12 shipped. hooker header sleeves for making and joining custom exhausts. 1.75". There's 12 left in the pack (new is 20 for $26).





$20 Nice, newer aftermarket 36-64 battery tray.






$20 chrome generator strap with screw. nice shape.



$15 shipped. Early 58-64 chrome regulator bracket.



$20 shipped. Delco style Mechancial regulator COVER only: 65-69 FL, 67-77 XLH. Chrome 58-64 regulator bracket. Chrome in good "old" condition on both.


$53 shipped. Cycle Electric Stator. Was used for about 50 miles before switching to a lower amp shunt drop model to run points with no battery. These retail for over $100 new. Label says 81-88, But can be used on any 70-99 alternator style left case with the correct regulator and a larger battery.



$20 22amp rotor for Harley alternator. Splines are partially worn out from a loose motor nut. It works and is useable, although I wouldn't run it. But if someone needs a cheap part to get on the road, then this will work.



$15 shipped. OEM regulator mount. the kind behind the left foot control bracket and kickstand. Like fxwg and others



$10 barely used regulator mount for end of generator.


$15+13 shipped. Old Santee aluminum battery box to mount behind 4 speed transmission. Has crack in weld on one lower corner (see pic), but totally runnable as-is, or fix it. This is for small 12v kickstart only battery.




$25 good lot of cloth covered wiring. mostly 16ga, plus two 6' runs of 14ga.


$3 OEM FX shovelhead key switch w/ original harley key (w/ logo) and bracket. A little dirty, but works. Not some cheapo aftermarket.


$30 shipped. Brand new VT No: 32-9038, retail is 34.95. OEM No: 71428-90A. Barrel key ignition switch features round style keys. Two position activation with positive detent to retain key in the off position. Fits:FXR 1982-1994 or any custom application.