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$10 (pickup only) Lightly used Dunlop Elite II 16" MT90/16 front tire. Tread depth = .155.








$20+shipping. Shovelhead/evo era rear wheel for disk brakes ('73+). Bearings good, wheel good, ready to run. It's just that someone spray bombed it red for the "rat rod" look. So, repaint it or have it blasted and powder coated. Tire not included.


$5+$15 shipping. Used chrome 16" rim. Not perfect cosmetically, but totally runnable. Some pitting on rim (pic shows worst spot). Inside needs a wire brushing.



$10+$20 shipping. Real deal '40-62 16" Kelsey Hayes 16" rim. 3940-40C. I'm not a resto guy, but if you are, you might need one of these. Lip has 2 smaller flat spots on one side (see sharpie in pic) and one larger one on the other. Straighten and go. Pitting is pretty limited, but there are a couple spots with some (I pictured the worst of it).




$40+$25 shipping. Really nice single flange front wheel. It's been mocked up and there's a couple of knicks in the chrome on the lip of the rim, but I don't think it's ever been run. 3/4" bearings. Show chrome billet hub. Stainless spokes, chrome rim. Chrome rim. Spokes are even sealed so you could run a tubeless tire if you want. Nice wheel, I just don't build anything with disc brakes anymore. One of the 5 disc holes looks like it had a bolt broke off and there's a tap stuck in the hole, but no reason you couldn't just cut it out and keensert the hole and be done with it.





$8. Brake pivot stud for 36-57 mechanical rear big twin harley brakes.



$5ea. plus shipping. Rotors. One 11.5" w/ 2" hole.  And 10" w/ later 2.5" hole. Drilled rotor is SOLD.



$5 plus ship. 10.5" offset rotor and hardware (spacer not included).


$1 plus ship. Disk brake rotor or Sprocket spacers. (1 available)


$5 New in package rivit kit for big twin drum brakes from J&P.


$5 shipped. Used but not used up GMA F type pads. Dennis Kirk has em for 48+shipping.


$5+ shipped. New in package Kevlar brakepads for GMA and Jaybrake calipers. Dennis Kirk has em for 28+plus shipping.



$30+12 shipping. 49-66 Front axle. Complete with axle sleeve, nut, and axle hardware.


$60 plus ship. 36-48 bigtwin springer fork axle, spacer, axle sleeve and nuts. Chrome, used.




$5 new chrome rear axle sleeve nut for 36-72 big twins.


$10 shipped. Chrome axle caps. used but like new. Were on shovel, but probably fit lots of others.