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Velvet Customs is simply a name, coined by some friends, to describe and encompass the things that I, Scott McKelvey (nicknamed Velvet in my younger years), do and think about when I don't have to do other things, like my regular 9-5 job, even though it affords me the opportunity to do this on the side. So, think of this more as a Blog. But these (motorcycles, cars, etc) are the things that make me want to get out of bed in the morning. So, these are bikes or cars that I've built and driven myself, plus some that I got a good deal on and passed along. Since all this stuff is really just for personal use and I don't have the overhead or worry of making a profit, I get to take the time and effort for attention to detail and to do things in such a way that they are unique and interesting, yet reliable and ridable. This means that if you are looking at something here because I'm selling it, it'll probably be far less than anything comparable, in my opinion. 


Just so there is no misconception, Velvet Customs is NOT incorporated, nor is not a shop. I am not, nor do I claim to be, an expert, a mechanic or a custom builder...... I'm just a guy making or working on things that I like and can enjoy.



In addition to serving as a collage of things that interest me, I started this site to facilitate the beginning of new projects, by displaying old parts and projects which hopefully will help to get rid of them.


SERVICES (like I said, "on the side"):

I may do some fabrication, assembly, or service (on bikes other than my own) upon request, so if you are interested, please send me an email from the "Contact" tab, above, and we can discuss what you are interested in. But that's not really what I'm into. I don't even really have enough time to my own stuff done, but sometimes I'll do something to help someone out or even for couple of bucks.



I started messing with automobiles out of necessity in 1992 when I was 16 and got my first vehicle, a 1967 Bronco, and shortly thereafter a 1969 Bronco (the '69 Bronco that is on the "Past Projects" page). I got my first streetlegal motorcycle in 2000, a 1995 Harley Sportster. This got me started on motorcycles. Two years later: complete disassembly, new paint, a ton of aftermarket parts later, and I decided I want something "cooler". So, I picked up a Special Construction rolling basket case with a shovelhead motor and started to cut my teeth on some more mechanical and technical aspects, with some help and tutelage from Trent Schara (Atomic Custom in New Mexico).  And now, several bikes later, here I am, still learning something new every day, which is probably why I still love doing this.