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1959 FLH Panhead
Old chopper that rotted away in someone's yard. I decided to bring it back to life and make some changes while I was at it.
MOTOR: 1959 FLH - it was crusty on the outside but well preserved inside. I pulled and went through the topend, oil pump, tappets, cam chest. The crank specs checked out so I didn't split the cases. Basically all original HD part with new gaskets & seals.
  • original cases (no repairs). matching belly numbers. untouched VIN. Relay boss intact.
    Original o-ring heads. One fin repair on each head, done well (you really have to look to even know it's repaired). I think there were only 1 or 2 rocker box holes that even needed a helicoil. New Kibblewhite valves.
  • original cylinders +.040" fit to new Superior cast 10:1 pistons
  • original cam cover (some minor flaking in chrome). old chrome cast tappet blocks.
  • rebuilt old chrome Linkert M74B and manifold w/ vintage air cleaner. Pull-cable conversion, new bushings, new black float, monel needle.
  • I don't remember what cam was in it.
  • vintage Hunt Magneto w/ new Rajah cloth wires. Hot spark and works awesome.

TRANS: Original '59 trans. Perfect case. Completely rebuilt with all new internals, including Main Drive Gear race. Old chrome OEM ratchet top, which does have a chip at one of the screw holes. Works flawlessly. Weeps at the kicker arm (I didn't replace the bushings or seal, so if it bugs you, have at it.

FRAME+SWINGARM: nice original 58-64 drop seat swing arm frame. Nothing is cut off. Only modification is 3 added tabs (2 for the seat, and 1 for the hidden kickstand). Neck lock cylinder is out. Original swingarm. Both completely sandblasted and freshly powder coated.

PRIMARY: Brand new BDL belt drive with their Quiet Clutch. Front 45T pulley has Primo insert+stainless hdware.

  • GAS TANKS: Original tanks with correct emblems. New fuel shutoff and gas caps. Stripped and freshly painted. Insides are immaculate.
  • OIL TANK: original tank and tray. Blasted then powdercoated. Reproduction hard oil lines and fittings.
  • FENDER: slightly later OEM top half of rear fender (only diff is the thick washers on the front mounts) w/ correct 58-68 hinged half, new sparto style chrome taillight, shortened and boxed struts (powder coat.
  • FRONT END: Original front end w/ '55-59 earlier tins and headlight. Shaved and polished lowers w/ new seals, etc.
  • SEAT pan from TEACH, wrapped in closed cell foam and hand tooled leather and laced by me
  • TIRES: New Goodyear style Super Eagles 5.00x16 tires. New tubes and rim strips.
  • WHEELS: OG star hubs and Kelsey Hayes rims, media blasted then new powder coat, stainless spokes, all new internals (correct sized bearings). New axles and hardware. Hand striped by Kobbie of
    Kobbies Kustoms
  • BRAKES: refurbed stock drum brakes (new chrome rear drum, shoes, Accel cylinder, new stainless braided and hard lines). Front has originaly polished aluminum backing plate and chrome drum.
  • ELECTRIC: all new wiring and matching gray sheathing. 12-volt. Cycle Electric generator and brand new end mount Cycle Electric Regulator. New battery. New aftermarket chrome battery cover. Chrome coil+mount. New circuit breakers and stainless toggle switches.
  • MISC
    • stainless hi-bend style bars from ScrapMetalArt. Brushed finish. Added internal throttle and integral 1" risers. New brake lever.
      another variation of mid controls (so trendy, but they are comfy). Jockey shift and foot clutch.
    • New 2:1 exhaust w/ customized end pipe, then rechromed.